What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Tia and Tamera

March 22, 2018



Tia and Tamara have literally grown up before our eyes. Although they are best known as the dynamic duo on Sister, Sister, they recently let America into their lives as wives, mothers, friends and, of course, sisters on their recent documentary series on the Style Network. If you follow the show, you’ve noticed that these child stars turned adult stars offer subliminal advice to rising entrepreneurs.

Be fearless

During the course of this show Tia and Tamera have come up with a host of business ventures. They’ve pursued everything from a yoga video to Milky, an herbal concoction designed to increase the flow of breast milk. Neither twin had any previous experience in yoga or lactation but they did have fearlessness. They put fear aside and took a chance. As entrepreneurs, fearlessness can be one of your greatest assets. If you’ve decide to be an entrepreneur, you’ve already taken the first step. Maintain that fearlessness and go for it all. Remember, every great entrepreneur set fear aside and took a risk.

PR connection

Throughout the show Tia’s publicist, Jordyn makes several appearances, naturally. She’s seen booking photo shoots, making connections, and generally doing what a publicist does. Entrepreneurs need to understand, like Tia, that a PR connection will help to effectively start and maintain a business. It is important to have a good PR person on your team. Some startups can’t afford a dedicated PR professional. Don’t let that stop you. Be fearless. Find someone with a PR background that believes in your dreams as much as you do and bring them on as a partner. Don’t make the mistake of not incorporating PR as a key element in your business development strategy.

Follow through

Most entrepreneurs have several good ideas. The key to success is to focus and follow through. Tia and Tamera don’t try to do eight things at once. They focus their energy on one project at a time until their vision becomes a reality. Then, it’s on to the next. As you grow your business, focus on one department at a time until your dream company becomes a reality.

Help someone else live their dream

Tia and Tamera obviously learned something valuable a long time ago. Sew a seed of goodness and good things will come to you. One episode in particular, Tia and Tamera realized they had too many clothes. They decided to sale their used clothes in a pop up shop and donate 100% of the proceeds to aid homeless families. They sewed a seed of goodness by helping someone else. As entrepreneurs, it is important to help others as you pursue your dreams. You make connections and build your network that simultaneously increases supporters for your growing business. Always lend a helping hand when you can.

Repeat the process

Don’t stop. Get it, get it. As previously mentioned, Tia and Tamera pursued several business ventures throughout this past season. Jordyn, the publicist, made several appearances and Tia and Tamera utilized every opportunity to help someone else. Once you’ve mastered the art of fearlessness, connectivity, and service to others, repeat the process. Don’t just do it once and expect your business to grow and flourish. These things take time.

Tia and Tamera are natural born hustlers. When they have an idea, they develop a passion follow through. Catch a recap of the show and be inspired. You can do this.


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