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Snacks That Make an Impact

What We Do


Homelessness is a hyge problem in the world. Hunger doesn't have to be. KFJ Feed takes uses 10% of the proceeds from KFJ Vend to feed the hungry and homeless citizens of Los Angeles County. Whether it's buying burgers and fries from McDonalds or serving a pot of spaghetti, KFJ Feed is commited to feeding as many people as possible while reminding them that God's love and grace made it possible. 


Why We Do It


Most of us know what it's like to be hungry. Some of us can do something about it. There are about 1.4 million people in Los Angeles County that can't. 


Together we will reduce that number. When you shop at a KFJ Vending Machine, your snacks are making an impact.



* Statistics provided by LA Food Bank at

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